Our Approach To Learning

Learning through Experience

Instead of teacher-led delivery of knowledge, the teachers and the students at HPS cohesively build up knowledge so that no student feels ignored. This is rigorously supported by varied field experiences and carefully designed project work through integrated learning. This enables the learner to gain an unforgettable experience of fun, joy and enjoying learning and also to put to test the acquired knowledge.

Creating Responsible Citizenship in a Student

The learning processes at HPS are most distinctive and leaving an endearing effect on a learner. Our teaching-learning methods are so effective that they make the students self-directed, lifelong learners and good human beings. They are encouraged to excel academically and to grow up into responsible citizens with a strong sense of judging right or wrong.

Laying a Strong Social Foundation

Coupled with a strong foundation of social and moral values, the students at HPS show great respect for the rich heritage of our country while mastering the complexities of modernity. Sailing the yacht of training on our campus, our students gain ingenuity and gloriously lead the world.